What to expect from our classes

Pole and aerial fitness classes combine a variety of fitness techniques, dance styles, gymnastic and acrobatic skills on and around the equipment.

Each session your instructor will guide you through a warm up followed by a fun and challenging workout, which may include conditioning exercises, learning new tricks and combinations or even choreography, along with a chance to cool down and stretch at the end.

You can view our full schedule on our booking system here. Your first class with Spin city Newbury is free! Just use the code FIRSTCLASS when you book.

Please note that the majority of our classes are for 18+. There are a few classes that are able to accept 16+, these are clearly marked on our booking system. If you are unsure please contact us on spincityaerialsportsnewbury@gmail.com to discuss.

We will be adding children’s classes on in the future. Join our Facebook Group or follow us on Instagram @spincitynewbury for regular class updates news and events.

Pole Fitness

Most people will will have already heard of pole dance or pole fitness before, as it has been growing in popularity over the last 10 years. The pole is fixed vertically from floor to ceiling allowing us to move around and up it. At Spin City Newbury, we focus on fitness, using the pole to condition and tone your body and making beautiful shapes and combinations.

For a pole class we recommend shorts and a vest top – in the beginning you can wear whatever is comfortable, and we will work around you.

Aerial Hoop

An aerial hoop is a metal ring suspended from the ceiling with specialised rigging equipment. Our hoops are usually suspended at waist or chest height and our instructors can change the height of them to suit the class or individual abilities.  The shape of the hoop will allow you to explore the poses below, inside and even above the hoop.

For aerial classes we recommend close-fitting layers, such as legging and a t-shirt or vest.

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks are comprised of two lengths of fabric suspended from the ceiling. This versatile discipline will allow you to explore wraps, climbs, poses, locks and eventually drops – all using the fabric. Silks challenge the body by their inherent instability, making even the most basic class a fantastic workout.

For this class we recommend close-fitting cotton layers such as leggings and a t-shirt that covers the waist.

Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga for Flexibility is designed to increase your active flexibility, improve your range of motion, take you out of habitual movement patterns and relieve joint and muscle pain. The class will focus on the developmental aspects of flexibility working organically to your level of fitness. It will provide a total body workout to improve all aspects of fitness leaving you stronger, more flexible and more balanced. The classes are suitable for all levels from total beginners to advanced Yogis and is a great class to supplement any aerial practice.

Our studio floor has soft matting but you are welcome to bring a yoga mat along to class. Wear any comfortable gym clothing that will allow you to move.