Class information:

What is pole fitness?

The pole is fixed vertically from floor to ceiling allowing us to move around and up it. At Spin City Newbury, we focus on fitness, using the pole to condition and tone your body and making beautiful shapes and combinations. Our poles are all stainless steel, which is kind to sensitive skin that reacts to nickel content.

What are the benefits of taking pole classes?

  • Burn calories – approx. 300 per class
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase strength and muscle tone
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Meet new people!

What should I wear for pole class?

Bare arms and legs are essential to grip the pole, so we would recommend shorts and a t-shirt or vest, with bare feet – in the beginning you can wear whatever is comfortable, and we will work around you. Avoid wearing any creams or lotions on the day of your class, as this can affect your grip on the pole.

How much do classes cost?

Classes are priced at £12 per session. Your first class with Spin city Newbury is free – just use the code YNXPANLJ when you book.

You can view our full schedule on our booking system here.

What if I'm not very coordinated?

At Spin City we welcome everyone – regardless of dance experience, athletic ability or fitness level. Being able to support your body weight and having a little coordination will help but remember – these are the skills you will learn during classes. We all learn in different ways, at different speeds and Spin City helps provide an inclusive atmosphere to learn in, where you can develop your own unique style.

What are the pre-requisites for each class level?


At Spin City, our Beginners Pole Classes are suitable for complete beginners with no previous pole experience and those who are just learning the basic spins and are not comfortable inverting. Here you will learn the basic hand and leg grips, spins and transitions.


Intermediate/Advanced Pole is for students who are progressing through their inverted moves. To attend these classes, you will need to have mastered the following moves: A good basic invert, Gemini, Butterfly, Cross Knee or Cross Ankle Release and be working on your Shoulder Mount.

Mixed ability

Mixed ability classes are suitable for students of all levels – from complete beginners to advanced. You will be paired up with students of a similar ability and your instructor will give you new moves each week to work on that are suitable for your current level/ability.

Our pole fitness instructors:


Belinda’s motto is “the secret to getting ahead, is getting started”. She teaches beginners pole classes infused with endless patience and enthusiasm that will have you mastering tricks with confidence in no time.


Our adventurous Catherine traded rock climbing for pole classes back in 2009. As well as teaching pole fitness, she is also our resident Mental Health First Aider, always ready to listen.


Chrissie is one of our queens of conditioning, who will truly put you through your paces! She’s a dedicated pole instructor who will cheer you on as you work towards your goals.


Deborah started pole in 2005; she is a free spirit who will help you dance your troubles away.  A qualified yoga and pole instructor, her classes will  tap into your inner creativity while developing strength and flexibility.


Katy grew up on a dairy farm and discovered pole and aerial fitness through Spin City in 2012. She is now the owner of Spin City Newbury and teaches pole and aerial hoop classes. She is dedicated to making pole and aerial accessible to everyone who walks through the studio door.


Nadine started out as an aerobics instructor before her 25 year career with the Army. She is now a full time fitness instructor, qualified PT and teaches  pole, yoga and strength. Nadine has competed in a number of pole competitions as both a solo and doubles competitor.


Sarah is the queen of strength, a pole powerhouse she has dedicated over 10 years to her training.  Sarah is a qualified PT and Pole instructor who will put you through your paces in her structured classes.


Stef is a dedicated and motivational instructor who teaches pole at all levels and fantastic workshops in pole fabric. When not in the studio training or teaching, you can find her at a racetrack crewing on her dad’s Drag Racing car which competes in the MSA Pro Modified Championship.