Class information:

What is aerial hoop?

An aerial hoop is a metal ring suspended from the ceiling with specialised rigging equipment. Our hoops are usually suspended at waist or chest height and our instructors can change the height of them to suit the class or individual abilities.  The shape of the hoop will allow you to explore the poses below, inside and even above the hoop.

What are the benefits of taking hoop classes?

  • Burn calories – approx. 300 per class
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase strength and muscle tone
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Meet new people!

What should I wear for aerial hoop class?

Close-fitting layers cotton are best for aerial hoop, such as leggings and a t-shirt or vest. Our hoops are currently a bare, powder-coated finish, which may require skin contact for more complex grips; it can be helpful to be able to roll up leggings to expose the back of the knees, or bring a pair of shorts.

How much do classes cost?

Classes are priced at £12 per session. Your first class with Spin city Newbury is free – just use the code YNXPANLJ when you book.

You can view our full schedule on our booking system here.

Will I be able to get in the hoop on my first lesson?

Our hoops are rigged at waist or chest height and can be easily adjusted to help you on your journey. Instructors will have different options for each exercsie so don’t worry if you’re just starting out; you may be surprised how quickly your strength develops!

What are the pre-requisites for each class level?


At Spin City, our Beginners Aerial Hoop Classes are suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience of aerial hoop and for those who are working on the basic aerial hoop moves but don’t feel comfortable in a mixed ability class.


Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Hoop Classes are aimed at students who are confident with the range of beginners hoop moves. To attend these classes, you need to have mastered the following moves: Gazelle, Amazon, Pike in the Hoop, Front Balance and Back Balance.

Mixed ability

Mixed ability classes are suitable for students of all levels – from complete beginners to advanced. You will be paired up with students of a similar ability and your instructor will give you new moves each week to work on that are suitable for your current level/ability.

Our aerial hoop instructors:


Classically trained as a dancer, Amy turned to the sky when she moved to Newbury, becoming part of the Spin City family. She teaches aerial hoop and aerial silks classes. Amy teaches nationwide through workshops and conventions and also judges and hosts local and national aerial competitions .


Bambi first tried pole back in the early 2000s and now teaches all disciplines – pole fitness, aerial hoop and aerial silks! She is a full time aerial fitness instructor who is rewarded as much by her students’ achievements as her own.


With roots in Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Flamenco, Catharine brings grace and creativity to her classes. She teaches aerial hoop classes and is also a certified aerial sling instructor. Catharine loves helping students discover their own performance style, by giving them time to master skills with confidence.


Helen teaches aerial hoop here at Spin City Newbury and is known for her supportive and nurturing teaching style. She also makes up one half of a doubles pairing with Amy! Helen will be your cheerleader whether it’s your very first lesson or you’ve been with us for years.


Katy grew up on a dairy farm and discovered pole and aerial fitness through Spin City in 2012. She is now the owner of Spin City Newbury and teaches pole and aerial hoop classes. She is dedicated to making pole and aerial accessible to everyone who walks through the studio door.


Natalie started pole while at university and quickly fell in love with all things aerial soon after starting classes at Spin City. She loves the empowering nature of pole and aerial and will help you make the simplest moves look absolutely beautiful.  Natalie teaches aerial hoop classes and is also certified in aerial silks and pole.